Controlling PG490 Supply

PG490 (triptolide) is the natural product starting material used for the manufacture of both TriptoSar and WilGraf.  It is also a starting material for the synthesis of prodrugs and derivatives.  Pharmagenesis, Inc. currently possesses the world's largest stockpile of PG490, and is the world’s largest supplier of this natural product.

PG490 is obtained from a plant that grows abundantly in many locations in China.  The compound is found in leaves and stems, but is most abundant in the roots.  In order to remain the world’s largest supplier of PG490, and to assure a consistent supply of high-quality plants, Pharmagenesis, Inc. is both sourcing the collection of wild plants from vendors as well as cultivating its own plants in China.  Pharmagenesis, Inc. owns a 400-acre agricultural facility in China that cultivates this medicinal plant in compliance with European GAP standards.

Using a state-of-the-art method developed by Pharmagenesis, Inc., PG490 of the highest-available purity is currently being manufactured by Pharmagenesis in China under European cGMP standards.

As a backup strategy to PG490 sourcing in China, we plan to be able to generate this natural product via total synthesis.  A research procedure to synthesize PG490 is in hand.  

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