Summary of key achievements and milestones


         Delivered the 6 compounds as specified to Fujisawa

         PG2 patent granted in China (4Q)

         PG2 launched in China (4Q)


         Sign extension Agreement with Fujisawa (4Q)

         Start Phase I Clinical Trials for TriptoSar with PFM in Europe (4Q)  


         Enroll patients for Phase I Clinical Trials in USA for TriptoSar (2Q)

         Sign Option Agreement with Fujisawa regarding WilGraf (3Q)

         Sign license agreement with PFM regarding TriptoSar (4Q)  


         PG2 Clinical Trial initiated in Taiwan (2Q)

         NDA approval for PG2 in PRC (3Q)

         Signature of out-licensing letter of intent with regards to TriptoSar (2Q)

         IND filing for TriptoSar in USA (3Q)  


         Creation of a manufacturing JV of Orchid Sarl in Tianjin (1Q)

         PG2-2000 Provisional Patent filed (2Q) in U.S.

         PG2 PCT Patent filed (2Q) in U.S.  


         Significant new funding (1Q)

         Creation of PhytoHealth in Taiwan (1Q)

         PG2 Provisional Patent filed (2Q)

         PG2 clinical trials completed in PRC (4Q)  


         PCT Patent Application filed for TriptoSar

         US Patent filed for WilGraf  


         Pharmagenesis, Inc. received patent in U.S. on PG490-88 (3Q)

         Clinical study on PG2 in China is initiated (3Q)  


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