Company Profile

Pharmagenesis, Inc. develops ethical pharmaceuticals from purified extracts of plants and other natural products that have been employed in traditional Chinese medicine for more than 4,000 years. Drug efficacy is validated by clinical trials that conform to the standards of the appropriate government regulatory agency. Our company is currently focused on developing anticancer therapies, treatments for cancer therapy-related bone-marrow suppression, and treatments for managing transplant rejection.  Our drugs will be commercialized initially in the high-growth markets of China and Taiwan.  The first pharmaceutical product will enter the Chinese market in 2004.

Our Founder

Pharmagenesis, Inc. was founded in 1991 through the vision of Mr. Tih-Wu Wang.  Mr. Wang, an entrepreneur who created and built a very successful international communications empire, believed that the pharmacopoeia of plants used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) or Asian medicines held significant therapeutic potential as modern pharmaceuticals if the conceptual differences in scientific theory between Asian and Western medicines could be transcended and become complementary to one another.

Through studying the information recorded by TCM practitioners over four millennia and applying a focused, methodical approach to the discovery and development of potential drug candidates, Pharmagenesis has fulfilled Mr. Wang’s vision.

Our Mission

Pharmagenesis’ mission is to create value-added products based on the bioactive Natural Products found in Traditional Chinese Medicines.

Our Facility in Palo Alto, California, USA

Pharmagenesis has a research and development facility in Palo Alto, CA as well as operations in Beijing, Taipei and Paris.


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